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Pioneers Technical Co. Ltd is 100% owned by Saudis.

The business was founded in May 2005 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as a contracting establishment, then trade department came to light, which was followed by the operation and maintenance department.

Since then, it has specialized in engineering servicing & construction field to facilitate the needs of utilities sectors with full capability of supplies and resources.

Currently the company has a total of 100+ employees.

Our Mission

Our company is committed to delivering services that exceed customers' expectations by partnering with the best technologies and following best practices, focused on reliability, availability, and responsiveness.

Our Vision

Reliability, Availability and responsiveness are key battens. It is committed to deliver services that exceed customers expectations by partnering best technologies and following best practices.

Company Departments

Our Company has two major departments: Contracting/Civil engineering and Commercial Services.

Our Activity

Our company provides multiple services in both public and private sectors, include but not limited to contracting and civil works, technical services, supply and services of spare parts, diesel engines, expansion joints, pump installations, and sea dock oil spills

Our customers

Our leading customers and clients: SEC, NWC, SWCC, Saudi Aramco, SAL, and more...

Our Partners



Historical milestones and a variety of achievements characterize our company's journey.

Health & Safety

Occupational safety and the health of our staff are imperative. This is why Pioneers Technical Co. Ltd. management strives to achieve the highest degrees of occupational safety and health standards to eliminate any work-related accidents or illnesses.

In addition to standard health and safety policies, a vital step in Pioneers Technical Co. Ltd.'s planning and control of each project is to determine the job conditions at each site and the hazards that may arise out of performed work, materials, or special site conditions. Our company also sets specific site procedures for eliminating these hazards, including the use of appropriate barriers and fencing on-site or the enforced utilization of appropriate protective equipment such as hard hats, respirators, or safety glasses, etc.

Compliance Policy

Pioneers Technical Co. Ltd. adheres to strict quality management standards to achieve clients’ total satisfaction and, at the same time, complies with relevant regulations while ensuring that quality encompasses all aspects of work in offices, sites, workshops and facilities.

We constantly pursue the stringent standards of quality and continuous improvements to ensure that all staff members and its subcontractors maintain the same and that mutual objectives are fully met or exceeded. Where appropriate, we establish specific quality objectives and constantly monitor performance against these objectives.

Our Quality is assured and guaranteed